Children's room (what we do not see)

Exhibition room: Hvelfing

“A space may seem reliable and peaceful but an object or an intuitive feeling can reveal the hidden failure (In this situation, it is the two beer bottles we see in the children's room). Emotional abuse of children is an overlooked problem. The installation is a reflection on child abuse.“   
– Paarma Brandt


Paarma Brandt was born in Greenland and grew up in both Greenland and Denmark. Brandt uses fantastical imagery in watercolour drawings inserted into simple domestic settings to conjure up simultaneous feelings of familiarity, unease and displacement –  merging traditional Inuit symbols and mythologies with familiar fairytale aesthetics and objects of global modernity. Brandt graduated from Aarhus Art Academy in the summer of 2019 and now works from her studio in Greenland.