Jóhan Martin Christiansen was born 1987 in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands and now currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a visual artist, the twilight has always awakened certain experiences of recognition in him. He activated some regions of his inner mechanics, the apparatus of senses, which move the body over into a particular frame of mind. This frame of mind calls forth a fatiguing paralysis he tells us about the results in him staring into a bevy of rose-pink clouds on their way over the sphere, while on other days nothing happens. Like a daydream in which the subtle unpretentious but ruthless transition between light and shadow, where darkness is still waiting to be seen. shows the idea of Johns vision to his works and how he wants to present the works to the audience with black and white photos.

His piece are primarily sculpture, video, textiles, printmaking deal with landscapes, home or rather homelessness, language and translation, queer body, the baroque, post-digital afterimages of doomsday, historical events. his ideas, material, actions, words, etc. have great significance for his work and slide so slowly and dissolve into another context. This creates a special space for the artist that draws the viewer into sections that refer to shapes, patterns, shattered screens, disturbing elements, hazy details of memories and emotions that jump on us in daydreams, which are not easy to realize at first. Form, content and content are interchangeable and part of the same choreography.