Photographer Inuuteq Storch was born in Sisimiut in 1989 grew up in Greenland in the 1990s. Most of his photographic work involves investigations of his nationality and cultural roots. Storch has studied photography at Fatamorgana in Copenhagen and at International Center of Photography in New York. He has published several photo books and his work has been exhibited in the US, Columbia, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.


This series of videos expresses specific feelings that conflicts me and people around me when I talk about being from a such an isolated place as Greenland. My home country is rich in traditional live as hunting, being close to the nature and using everything around you as a tool as in having sleddogs. At the same time, we live a very normal life compare to the rest of the world with tv, modern clothing and a very normal consumer kind of life style. The work is composed of six videos that express different topics about the conflicts.