offers a glimpse into the experiences, reflections and research of artists and designers living in the rapidly shifting north of the globe. Nature shapes the man-made environment, and people impact nature; a connection currently in an accelerated state which we have not been witness to before. By bringing together artists based in the West Nordic countries Greenland, Iceland and the Faroes Islands, as well as Denmark, the exhibition further considers the long and intricate history of relations within the region that seems particularly urgent to discuss now. Transitions demand revisions of former positions, a close analysis of our awareness and identities as individuals and societies. There is a causal relationship between our acts and acts in nature, and conversely: under the long arc of natural forces there are unique lives, unique communities and unique stories.

Curated by
Hanna Styrmisdóttir
Hulda Stefánsdóttir

With the participation of
Ana Luisa S. Diaz De Cossio
Khetsin Chuchan