Paradigm - Eider, Visual Diary I (2020 - 2021)
Paradigm - Eider, Visual Diary II (2021 - 2022)

Handmade cotton-paper, natural historical pigments, aquarelle, ink, pencil, prints.
Single edition

Two diaries. Paradigm - Eider, Visual Diary I was mostly created in a workshop at an eider farm. It is a constant documentation of experiences of nature. Paradigm - Eider, Visual Diary II was made at a studio in Reykjavík. It is a daily documentation and processing of data collected during research trips to eider farms and through examination of the eiderdown. The diary work is based on a connection to a specific place, the eider farmer's methods, research, intuition and the artist's experiences.

Eider farmers keep a diary, date and document important information, compare, make drawings, keep account. The diary is thus a practical and important research tool for the farmers.

Unlike the traditional diaries of eider farmers, the works Paradigm - Eider, Visual Diary I and II are also book sculptures. Reading the diaries does not follow a logical progression. It is not linear, but is based on image reading; spatial experiences, colours, rhythms and possibilities for interpretation rather than scientific facts.

The paper of the diaries refers to the airy properties of the eiderdown. It is white and Indigo blue, handmade and sewn together. The paper and dyes used; are natural and historical materials. The books’ expression is "organic" and airy, they have no front and back page; do not have a defined beginning or an end.